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HEYE International GmbH
Lohplatz 1
31683 Obernkirchen, Deutschland
Postfach 1408
31679 Obernkirchen, Deutschland

Telefon: +49 5724 26452
Fax: +49 5724 26 1288

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HiShield – Heye Information System


The Heye Information System is an information technology system especially developed for the container glass production. An integration into the HIS gives the user real-time data about the production process.
It comprises three main areas:

  • the process monitoring
  • the quality assurance
  • the production output determination

In the process monitoring data, which arise from the production process (quantities, inspection results, tool changes, messages etc.) are evaluated and presented in a clearly laid out way. To assure the quality measuring, data are collected by automatic or semi-automatic random sample inspections, either in the laboratory or online.


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Innovation – Cold End Inspection with Camera Check Detection


Quality continues to become more and more important. The HiSHIELD SmartLine has been developed as an inspection and sorting machine for the hollow glass production industry. The ongoing integration of the newest technology, like camera check detection, combined with robust electrics and an electronic control system are characteristics of the SmartLine. Additional features include a graphic interface with touch-screen, servo drive technology and machine speed of up to 400 items per minute.

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Innovation - Flexible Assortment Production also on NNPB


The production of a small quantity of a different product has always been an issue in for the container glass industry. The IS-machine had to be completely stopped and reconfigured. Downtime was very costly and production efficiency suffered greatly. Heye International has developed a solution for this issue. Using the servo drive control unit, in conjunction with the servo plunger and dual motor shear, gobs of different weights can be produced on a single IS-machine. What sets this solution apart from others is that every gob is used and no energy is wasted.

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