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HEYE International GmbH
Lohplatz 1
31683 Obernkirchen, Deutschland
Postfach 1408
31679 Obernkirchen, Deutschland

Telefon: +49 5724 26452
Fax: +49 5724 26 1288

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We are Glass People – Being the One

Since 50 years, Heye International has set standards as global player in innovative technology, high performance solutions and customer-oriented services for the container glass industry. Thus, Heye International became the leader in the industry. What makes the difference is our passion for glass.

Heye has extensive knowledge of the day-to-day challenges in the glass manufacturing process. We are also specialised in the engineering and construction of complete glass container manufacturing plants.

Our expertise assistance and scope of supply ranges

  • from the greenfield to the highly sophisticated glass container plant
  • from hot end (HiPERFORM) to cold end equipment (HiSHIELD)
  • ongoing technical assistance afterwards (HiTRUST)

We meet the needs of the modern glass industry by continuously developing new and improved technology, equipment and production systems, to provide our customers the possibility to

  • save money and time
  • secure environmental sustainability
  • reduce downtimes
  • increase return on invested capital

This is achieved by

  • HiPERFORM – Forming technology for efficient production
  • HiSHIELD – Inspection technology & quality solutions
  • HiTRUST – Full range of expert services


Whenever we want to talk about the Hot End at Heye International, we say HiPERFORM. Within this programme, we are dedicated to providing not only complete solutions covering every aspect of the forming procedure, but also to developing individual processes that are capable of being integrated into existing plant facilities.

Efficiency in the Hot End depends on a seamless interaction of the many different stages and technologies involved – the better they work together, the higher the final production performance and quality.

We use only the highest quality materials, combined with the most rigorous standards of manufacture, to create a complete range of IS-Machine modules which are specifically designed to maximise the efficiency and output of your factory.

What is more, we are unique in enjoying access to our own production facilities, allowing our team of expert technicians and researchers to test and perfect every development under true working conditions before we recommend it to our customers.

We also recognise the need to keep our customers’ plant up to date with the latest innovations and technological advances, so all our hardware is designed to be readily upgradeable or effortlessly replaceable.


Cold End solutions at Heye International mean HiSHIELD, our complete range of processes and hardware to provide our customers with our expertise in quality control.

These days, this is arguably the most important part of the entire container glass manufacturing process, as the quality and consistency of the product is what makes or breaks our customers’ reputation as a reliable and trustworthy supply partner. For this reason, we have invested a huge amount of time and resources in perfecting solutions that will maximise the output quality while minimising the input effort.

The Heye Information System (HIS), for example, monitors Cold End processes in real time. It collects and evaluates comprehensive data, clearly displaying results and system messages and conducts random quality assurance sampling.

Meanwhile, the modular HiSHIELD SmartLine inspection and sorting machine – itself capable of being integrated into the HIS – has been specifically developed for the container glass industry. Also compatible with many systems from other manufacturers, it can be configured to test and verify the integrity of almost any quality of the product.


Heye International has experience of every conceivable type of container glass project, gained from alliances with our colleagues all over the word. We call this knowledge HiTRUST and through this initiative, we can manage any and every aspect of our customers’ turnkey or semi-turnkey project.

We know that the needs of every client are different and individual. However, despite the unlimited possibilities for the scope of demands, one thing is certain: our guarantee of your satisfaction!

Our vast resources are available for our customers’ success, combining specialist consultancy, expert project management and unrivalled service to adapt engineering concepts in a flexible way to fit the available resources and skill profiles.

Heye International - Being the One!

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