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Olivotto Glass Technologies S.p.A.
Viale Gandhi n.22
10051 Avigliana (TO), Italien

Telefon: +39 011 9343511
Fax: +39 011 9343592

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Olivotto Glass Technologies

OLIVOTTO (Italy) has been working in the hollow glass sector since 1946, when it began marketing its first rotary-type glass blowing machine.
On August 2003, Olivotto Glass Technologies S.p.A. acquired the glass branch of ANTAS (Italy), a company with long-standing traditions and experience in the service of the hollow glass industry.
On June 2007, Olivotto Glass Technologies S.p.A. acquired the assets of Lynch Systems (USA), a corporation that traces its roots back to 1914, one of the oldest hollow glass forming machines manufacturer in the world.
On April 2008, Olivotto Glass Technologies S.p.A. acquired the assets of W. Lindner Maschinen (Germany) a very well known company with large experience for high quality production machines in all types of glass (lead crystal, soda-lime, borosilicate).
Nowadays, the Olivotto Glass Technologies Group is the leader in the engineering, production, installation and commissioning of hollow glass forming plants, systems and machines and is an all-round technological partner, that can address most effectively any problem to do with the production of a variety of glass articles: stemware, tumbler, dishes, bowls, lamps and bulbs, glass tubes, glass bricks, etc.
As a function of the complex requirements of a vast, heterogeneous market, the Olivotto Glass Technologies Group has a philosophy that enables it to offer its Customers technological solutions designed and implemented so as to achieve synergetic effects with their production strategies.

Technologies, products and services coming from the best know-how of OLIVOTTO, ANTAS, LYNCH and LINDNER.

Machines, complete lines and turn-key plants for the production of

  • Stemware (all process)
  • Tableware
  • Ovenware
  • Jars
  • Large Containers
  • Lamps
  • Lightingware
  • Lenses and reflectors
  • Glass insulators
  • Glass tubes
  • Laboratory articles
  • Glass bricks

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