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Via dell´Artigianato, 2/A
61020 Montecchio (Pu), Italy

Phone: +39 0721 472547
Fax: +39 0721 907413

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Company Profile

Abratech was born from the industrial experience in the CNC machines manufacturing and from the university chemical research. Abratech produces and sells polishing tools, accessories for the glass, stone and synthetic materials working. It is a young and dynamic company which has strengthened its presence in the main world markets in very little time; it can offer a wide range of polishing products which are able to solve any application from semipolishing to superpolishing quality by cerium oxide and to be use on manual, CNC glass, stone and synthetic materials machines. Abratech applies great care, consistent resources in the research and in the improvement of its tools and technologies in order to solve and better every problems. Abratech guarantees stable parameters in the reliance and quality of its products adopting high technology production systems. Abratech is glad to care and meet any requirements and problems of all its customers.

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