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Bando Kiko Co., Ltd.
2-4-60, Kanazawa
770-0871 Tokushima, Japan

Phone: +81 88 6645280
Fax: +81 88 6645282

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Company Profile
Bando Kiko Co., Ltd.

Speeding up of production line is an eternal task for manufacturers to success in the industry. However, the only way to improve their production time by themselves is reduce total production time by means of integrating production lines, etc. However, it is not reduction of actual processing time and there is also limitation. Therefore, demand for processing machine with high additional value that can reduce production time and can reduce loss of non-production time such as transfer time or model change over time is growing higher every year.

In the year 1997, we had made significant improvement on total processing time by high speed grinding technology to increase feeding speed of diamond wheel by rotating main grinding shaft while keeping stock removal to minimum, high speed glass transfer technology and one of a kind breakout system which is including satellite breakout system.

In the year 2006 and now, we have invented various optional systems to improve high speed production; servo motor driven glass transfer shuttle system (patent applied), automatic grinding vacuum cup job change system (patented), job change less cutting vacuum cup, impact cutter system (patent applied) and so on.

In the mean time, we have also made improvements on total processing time of our glass-processing machine for FPD glass, HPC series. We have realized significant total processing time reduction of the HPC series by high speed grinding which is conform to G9 glass substrate or reduction of non-processing time such as non-transferring time while adopting top surface non-contact / non-damaging transfer system.

In addition to the improvement on performance of the equipment, we believe that improvement on reliability of the equipment is also highly requested by the manufacturers.

A problem that the manufacturers want most likely to avoid is sudden stop of their production line. Especially, a trouble, which only could be controlled by processing machine supplier, may cause huge effect on production line capacity.

In consequence, we design and develop our machinery while fully understanding not only importance of high reliability of machine but also some other issue such as black box (especially related to control) or MTBF (i.e. Mean Time Between Failure)。In the mean time, we keep in close contact with customers to produce machine that fulfill their requirement.

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