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SURAGUS GmbH is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing Dresden, and develops contact-free testing systems for both inline and offline characterization of functional conductive thin-films (TCO, Nanowires, Graphen, Cu, Al, Zn), carbon fiber materials (non-woven, carbon fiber fabrics, prepreg, CFRP) and metal and alloy. The eddy current testing solutions allow the fast and accurate analysis of several crucial quality characteristics. Through high resolution conductivity mappings, even defects and structural irregularities in complex layer systems can be identified.   

SURAGUS offers single-point devices as well as inline systems and mapping solutions for the quality assurance of thin film systems, carbon fiber materials and metals. The contactless eddy current measuring systems allows the real-time monitoring of various relevant parameters, which also includes the characterization of hidden layers. Through customizations and optional features, the solutions can be optimized for specific testing tasks.

The contact-free characterization of thin films is especially relevant to glass applications (e.g. LowE), touchscreens and flat monitors, OLED applications or photovoltaics. Solutions for the quality assurance of carbon fiber materials are mainly applied in the automotive and aircraft industry, but also requested in the energy sector.

For their innovative approach to the development of non-destructive testing solutions, SURAGUS received the JEC Innovation Award as well as the Innovation Award of the Free State of Saxony.


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