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MAC Valves Europe, Inc

Rue Marie Curie 12, 4431 Loncin
Telefon +32 4 2396868
Fax +32 4 2631942
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Vincent Paupy

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  • 01.06.12  Flaschenmaschinen und Behälterglasmaschinen

Flaschenmaschinen und Behälterglasmaschinen

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Produktkategorie: Flaschenmaschinen und Behälterglasmaschinen


The MAC Advantage™ Features:
2-way, 3-way, variable flow, filling and dosing valves
Wetted and non-wetted (media-separated) solenoids
Accurate and repeatable dosing
Dual-diaphragm D-Flex™ Technology
Reliable operation in extreme environments
The MAC Liquid Valve line of products benefits from many of the same innovative features and associated benefits that have become synonymous with MAC’s performance characteristics over the years. Fast response times, reliable shifting forces and repeatable results are just some of the benefits you can expect from our fluid line of products. Proportional Flow Controls (PFC’s), Flow-Thru valves, Single and Dual Diaphragm (Media-Separated) valves, Wetted Solenoid valves and Dosing Fluid Pumps are a few of the product offerings in MAC’s liquid valve family of products. These valves also work great in pneumatic applications that require leak tight performance. The MAC Liquid Valve line of products is designed to last longer and perform stronger in the toughest applications. With fewer wear points than traditional valve technology, these valves are designed to last!

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Produktkategorie: Flaschenmaschinen und Behälterglasmaschinen


The MAC patented Pulse Valve series was developed to replace current diaphragm style technology and create a more robust and reliable valve solution in industrial applications. MAC Pulse Valves are ideal to replace existing diaphragm technology in applications such as reverse jet bag houses and dust collectors, pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling.

The MAC patented Pulse Valve can be ordered in one of two pilot configurations: The Integral Solenoid pilot combines fast, repeatable pulses with the addition of a Manual Operator, while our Remote Bleed version to improve performance and reliability in Hazardous Locations.  The main body of the MAC Pulse Valve utilizes bonded spool technology for superior reliability beyond existing diaphragm technology. A checked accumulator and a main spool with memory spring are used to ensure a shift back to the home position, for times when air supply may not be adequate. A line of adapter plates has also been released to replace existing diaphragm pulse valves with a direct drop-in, without disturbing existing plumbing.

It is currently available in (3) sizes; the PV03, for ¾” and 1” applications and the PV06, for 1 ½” applications, and PV09 for 2″ and 2 ½” applications.

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Produktkategorie: Flaschenmaschinen und Behälterglasmaschinen

Small 3-Way Valves

100 Series

Small 3-Way ValvesThe MAC 100 Series is a direct solenoid operated 3-way poppet valve.  It features a short stroke solenoid, a balanced poppet and powerful return spring.  These features translate into high shifting forces, fast consistent response times, and long life.  Our unique balanced design means versatility in piping - the valve can be configured as a 3-way or 2-way - normally closed or normally open or can be used for vacuum, diverter, or selector applications.  For information regarding certifications (such as UL, CSA, RoHS, and CE) please visit the Get Support pages on our website. Application, Installaion and

Service Precautions
Cv (Max):  0.18
Port Sizes:  1/8-1/4"
Configurations:  Inline - Stacking - Sub Base/Manifold:  Non Plug-in

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Über uns


Hello, we are MAC Valves.
Established 1948.

MAC Valves, Inc. is a global manufacturing leader in pneumatic and fluid valves, proportional valves, flow control and regulator technology.  MAC was founded over 70 years ago focused on establishing and maintaining our position as the technological leader in our market, having since amassed over 100 patents related to valve technology and their auxiliary components.
With a manufacturing presence on four continents and a reputation as an innovative leader in major industrial markets throughout the world – MAC is supported by the MDN (MAC Distributor Network).  The MDN has a global presence to support our customers’ needs to keep their machines running around the clock, around the world in order to optimize their profitability.