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Bernard Bonnefond S.A.S.

7 Allée Mathieu Murgue Terrenoire, 42100 Saint-Étienne
Telefon +33 4 77953000
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  • 01  Glasherstellung/Produktionstechnik
  • 01.04  Glasschmelztechnik
  • 01.04.08  Elektrisch beheizte Systeme

Elektrisch beheizte Systeme

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Produktkategorie: Elektrisch beheizte Systeme

Coils / Self / Reactors

1 – Fix Reactor
without magnetic circuit or with air gap into the magnetic circuit.

2 – Variable Reactor
A plunging magnetic core changes the reactor.
Where from a fall of potential

3 – Saturable core reactor
An iron-core reactor having an additional control winding carrying direct current whose value is adjusted to change the degree of saturation of the core.

- arc furnaces
- glass or steel melting

- Simple
- Robust

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Über uns


Bernard Bonnefond was founded in 1925.
Over the last thirty years the company has specialized in developing electro-technical products to better serve its French and foreign customers, including :

Preliminary studies and custom tailoring of each piece of equipment to perfectly match each customer unique specification.

Supply of “turnkey”packages, field installation, start- up, commissioning and operator training. Technical support to maintenance crews ,as well as engineering and design assistance for new projects.

More than 80 % of BB production is exported.

BB sister companies within the group provide the additional know how required by the group full service commitment to its customers:

Bernard Engineering designs and delivers custom tailored control systems as well as general equipment lay out and site installation.

Amppelec designs, manufactures and field installs bus bars ranging from 500 to 50,000 Amps.