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Interglass S.A. de C.V.

Lateral sur Periferico Norte 559 Parque Industrial Belenes Norte, 45150 Zapopan, Jalisco
Telefon +52 33 37938800
Fax +52 33 37938806


Aldo Chanon

Strategy Coordination

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Unser Angebot


  • 01  Glasherstellung/Produktionstechnik
  • 01.02  Hilfsmittel und Betriebsmittel
  • 01.02.03  Schmier- und Kühlmittel

Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Schmier- und Kühlmittel


The Interglassol product line offers shear blade cooling oils that assure a clean cut and appropriate cooling of the blades.

- Emulsion Stability
 - Biodegradable
 - High Dilution Ratio

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Produktkategorie: Schmier- und Kühlmittel


The Interglasslub product line consists of machine lubricants that were designed for mechanical applications in the glass forming process.

- Longer Lubrication Cycles
 - Free Residuals
 - Wear and Corrotion Protection

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Produktkategorie: Schmier- und Kühlmittel


The Interglassflow lubricant line has been designed to meet the requirements of the delivery system, press machines and borosilicate tube rotary machines.

- Improve Productivity
 - Free Residuals
 - Improves Coating Performance

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Über uns


Interglass is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of specialty lubricants for the global glass industry.

The company was founded in 1992 and belongs to Interlub Group, a leading specialty lubrication company that develops and manufactures tribological industrial applications.            

Interglass focuses on the finishing and forming process, where the impact on the final product is crucial and can only be assured through specialized solutions.

We are the ONLY company focused on tailoring solutions to each customers specific need.

Our mission is to provide high performance lubricants, process and maintenance solutions which can significantly improve our customers competitiveness and reduce their ecological footprint.

Our vision is to revolutionize the concept of lubrication for the glass industry.


Gründungsjahr 1992
Geschäftsfelder Glasbearbeitung und -veredelung

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