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  • 01  Glasherstellung/Produktionstechnik
  • 01.06  Formgebung für Hohlglas
  • 01.06.04  Platinspeiser


  • 01  Glasherstellung/Produktionstechnik
  • 01.11  Komponenten und Zubehör (Zulieferer für die Glasmaschinenindustrie)

Komponenten und Zubehör (Zulieferer für die Glasmaschinenindustrie)

  • 03  Glasprodukte und Glasanwendungen
  • 03.06  Glasfasern und Mineralfasern
  • 03.06.01  Glasfasern und Mineralfasern (allgemein)

Glasfasern und Mineralfasern (allgemein)

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Heraeus Precious Metals

The best solution to your challenge is our top priority. Heraeus is a leading provider of precious metals services and products. We combine all activities related to our comprehensive expertise in the precious metals loop – from trading to precious metals products to recycling.

As an expert in the field of platinum systems and engineered components, Heraeus offers a wide range of precious metal products for glass making.

The product range comprises

·         Large electrically heated feeder systems
·         Stirrers
·         Plungers
·         Gob feeders
·         Electrodes
·         Refining systems and
·         Further custom-made components

for various types of glass, such as soda-lime, borosilicate and LCD glass with working temperatures up to more than 1600°C. Glass fiber bushings, linings for refractory components, orifices and thermocouple thimbles round off the product range.

Fields of application are optical and technical glass as well as glass fibers. For the manufacture of optical glass Heraeus offers

·         Pure Pt
·         Pt-CH
·         Pt DPH
·         Pt DPH-A

to guarantee purity, transparency and the avoidance of discoloration in the glass.

When manufacturing technical glass, resistance to corrosion and creep as well as mechanical strength play an important role. These characteristics can be achieved by the use of

·         Pt-10%Rh and Pt-20%Rh
·         Pt-10%Rh DPH
·         Pt-10%Rh DPH-A.


An increase in strength in metallic materials for high temperature applications is mainly achieved by reducing the mobility of dislocations and grain boundary sliding.

Besides solid solution hardening, the mobility of dislocations at temperatures over 1200°C, which are typical for the use of Pt DPH materials, is reduced by incoherent oxide particles. The hardening by means of the oxide particles represents the most effective strengthening mechanism.

In addition to reducing the mobility of dislocations, the oxide particles also provide a mechanical stabilization of the grain boundaries. This prevents grain boundary sliding and grain growth almost completely.