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FBSprofilati S.r.l.

Via T. Edison, 251, 20019 Settimo Milanese
Telefon +39 02 4564768
Fax +39 02 45329991

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Konstruktiver Glasbau

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Produktkategorie: Konstruktiver Glasbau

Profile FBS 1322

The INSPIRATION collection will allow to create a wide range of decorative designs to give a visually stunning effect to windows and doors. Ranging from essential geometrical figures to more elaborate curved & sinous shapes , the possibilities are endless.


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Produktkategorie: Konstruktiver Glasbau

Profile FBS 1133

The CRYSTAL collection is the eco-friendly alternative to lead while mantaining the tradition of precious bevel glass elements.

The profiles and inserts are completely incapsulated within the glass , therefore totally protected from atmospheric events.


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The attention to details and the prestigious   Italian design tradition have always guided our choices   making us one of the leaders in the manufacturing of accessories and components for the furniture and double-glazing industries

FBS Profilati srl is a dynamic company whose essence is the design and production of high-quality aluminium decorative profiles , accessories and components  strictly “MADE IN ITALY” and up to date with the moderns interior design trends.

Located in Settimo Milanese, the company’s headquarters cover a total area of 5000 sqm, organised in production departments, warehouse, offices and outdoor area .

We have mastered the art of roll-forming thanks to decades of activity and development , liaising traditional experience   and modern manufacturing techniques.

Our tools and machines are carefully and minutely designed and realized exclusively for FBSPROFILATI .

We try to operate our industrial processes in respect of the environment and with minimal polluting impact.

FBSprofilati has been certified ISO 9001-2015 since 2006 and aims constantly at optimizing the productive and logistic cycles to offer successful and contemporary solutions to their clients worldwide.

We regularly take part in international trade shows and missions, not only to expand our business contacts but also to widen our horizons and acquire new know-how with the aim to think and create brilliant decorative solutions for the interior design market.

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