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Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Floatglas, Spiegelglas

Antico Mirror

Technology for emotion
An antique mirror that flashback in time, an impressive product for decoratove purposes that gives identity and personality to a setting.
OmniDecor Antico Mirror doesn't have any etching on the surface.
Antico Mirror can be cut, polished, drilled as float glass, but it can't be tempered.
It's available in the following tints: Clear antique with two different antique effects, Bronze antique, Grey antique.

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Produktkategorie: Floatglas, Spiegelglas

OmniDecor acid-etched glass

The characteristic smooth and velvety surface of DecorFlou is the result of a special glass etching, a unique and exclusive production process developed by OmniDecor.

With its light transmission and diffusion, and partially light reflection features, wide is the range of the etched glass substrates manufactured by OmniDecor.

DecorFlou Classic Collection, etched glass, fingerprint and scratch proof
DecorFlou BiFlou Classic Collection, etched glass on both sides, fingerprint and scratch proof
DecorFlou Fascia, partially etched glass
DecorFlou Mirror, etched mirror with strong light reflection
DecorFlou Reflecting, reflective etched glass 
DecorFlou Gold, golden glass, with etched front and reflective back side

The entire OmniDecor etched glass collection is anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch and environment friendly.

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Produktkategorie: Floatglas, Spiegelglas

OmniDecor decorated glass

A wide product range of decorated glass surfaces
OmniDecor excels for its unique and high quality decoration on flat glass.
OmniDecor’s one-of-a-kind decorative glass is the product of a meticulously managed, selective industrial acid etching process.

DecorFlou Design, decorative glass with a variety of patterns
DecorFlou Stripes, glass with privacy effect etching
DecorFlou Gradient, glass with gradient etching
DecorFlou Gold Design, reflective gold glass with etched decoration

OmniDecor decorated glass is the result of research and attention to contemporary esthetic trends, as well as to a long term collaboration with internationally recognized designers and architects who contribute to the expansion and enhancement of the brand’s product range.
The contrast between etched and clear surfaces of OmniDecor glass creates tridimensional effects which vary with the changing of light. The range of its products is suitable for every setting and requirement, combining emotion, functionality and versatility.

The complete range of DecorFlou decorated frosted glass is anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch and environment friendly.

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