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Kömmerling Chemische Fabrik GmbH

Zweibrücker Str. 200, 66954 Pirmasens

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  • 01  Glasherstellung/Produktionstechnik
  • 01.14  Photovoltaikherstellung/Produktionstechnik
  • 01.14.03  Dichtstoffe und Folien (PVB)

Dichtstoffe und Folien (PVB)

  • 02  Glasbearbeitung und Veredelung
  • 02.07  Displayglastechnik
  • 02.07.02  Displayglastechnik - Komponenten und Zubehör

Displayglastechnik - Komponenten und Zubehör

  • 02  Glasbearbeitung und Veredelung
  • 02.09  Sicherheitsglastechnik
  • 02.09.02  Verbundglastechnik
  •  Verbundglastechnik mit Klebstoff, Gießharz und Kaschierfilm

Verbundglastechnik mit Klebstoff, Gießharz und Kaschierfilm

  • 02  Glasbearbeitung und Veredelung
  • 02.11  Hilfsprodukte/Hilfsmittel
  • 02.11.03  Dämmstoffe und Isolierstoffe

Dämmstoffe und Isolierstoffe

  • 02  Glasbearbeitung und Veredelung
  • 02.11  Hilfsprodukte/Hilfsmittel
  • 02.11.04  Dichtstoffe


  • 02  Glasbearbeitung und Veredelung
  • 02.11  Hilfsprodukte/Hilfsmittel
  • 02.11.05  Abstandhalter
  • 03  Glasprodukte und Glasanwendungen
  • 03.02  Veredeltes Flachglas
  • 03.02.02  Verbundglas
  •  Gießharzverbindungen
  • 03  Glasprodukte und Glasanwendungen
  • 03.02  Veredeltes Flachglas
  • 03.02.03  Isolierglas
  • 03  Glasprodukte und Glasanwendungen
  • 03.02  Veredeltes Flachglas
  • 03.02.04  Funktionsgläser
  •  schaltbares Glas/elektrochromes Glas/Smart Glass
  • 03  Glasprodukte und Glasanwendungen
  • 03.02  Veredeltes Flachglas
  • 03.02.09  Gebogenes Glas
  • 03  Glasprodukte und Glasanwendungen
  • 03.03  Fahrzeugglas
  • 03.03.03  Klebetechnologie
  • 03  Glasprodukte und Glasanwendungen
  • 03.11  LED Technologie
  • 03.11.02  LED Display Technologie

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Produktkategorie: Isolierglas, Dichtstoffe und Folien (PVB), Dämmstoffe und Isolierstoffe


H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING offers the most complete product range for the glass industry - and hence solutions for nearly every application from a single source. Our adhesives and sealants fulfill the highest requirements of international certification standards. In addition, they are tested according to even more stringent internal criteria.

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Produktkategorie: Abstandhalter, Gebogenes Glas


Ködispace 4SG is a reactive thermoplastic warm edge system with built-in desiccant that completely replaces the traditional edge system made of spacer, desiccant and primary seal. The automated application results in reduced manufacturing complexity and maximum design freedom. Due to its unique ability to form a chemical bond with glass and silicone, this system is particularly suitable for structural glazing. KÖDISPACE 4SG offers unlimited insulating glass unit shapes and design, excellent thermal performance, maximum gas tightness and low MVTR. As a permanently flexible spacer, its high elasticity and chemical bonding result in better mechanical performance during environmental changes.

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Produktkategorie: Abstandhalter

Learn more about our KÖDISPACE 4SG

Check out the video!

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Produktkategorie: Verbundglastechnik mit Klebstoff, Gießharz und Kaschierfilm, Gießharzverbindungen, schaltbares Glas/elektrochromes Glas/Smart Glass, LED Display Technologie


The H.B. Fuller | Kömmerling range of well-developed liquid lamination products are recognised as market leaders for successfully laminating glass to many differing substrate types.
Passive lamination with liquids offers an enhanced scope for bonding delicate materials and provides the perfect platform for encapsulation and embedment technologies bring function between glass.

Low viscosity, UV stabilised materials with great optical qualities and high performing bonds provide a solid platform for the development and production of engineered laminated glass solutions. 

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Produktkategorie: Displayglastechnik - Komponenten und Zubehör, schaltbares Glas/elektrochromes Glas/Smart Glass, LED Display Technologie


H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING's Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives are based on either multi component catalytic or single part ultra violet curing platforms. The resulting reaction at room temperature ensures a passive curing profile that will not require pressure or excessive temperature.

In a primary state, the material is a liquid and will easily follow the changing forms of glass with uneven, curved or textured surfaces. The favorable sheer, creep and relaxation characteristics will adapt well to the potential induced stresses of differential surface tensions or thermal expansions of glass and other materials.

Applications include safety glass, decorative laminates, LED encapsulation, ballistic glass, structural glass, sound reduction and UV resistance.

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Produktkategorie: Klebetechnologie


As traditionally used in the automotive industry, the special advantages of direct glazing are nowadays also exploited in window bonding. This means that the insulating glass is bonded with the window sash, which leads to significant improvements in the window‘s static properties. Load transfer no longer occurs selectively, but rather over the entire bonding area. This allows thinner frames, lower weight, larger pane sizes, unusual window shapes and a higher safety level.

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Über uns


Worldwide expertise in adhesives and sealants
KÖMMERLING Chemische Fabrik GmbH has been part of the H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING US Adhesives Group since 2017. The world’s largest supplier of adhesives and sealants for insulating glass applications has significant expertise in this area, which is continuously being advanced through research and new fields of application at the H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING Center of Excellence at its German location in Pirmasens.
From its headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, H.B. Fuller operates sites in 36 countries on all continents. Nearly 6,500 employees are dedicated to continuously improving more than 10,000 adhesives and sealants solutions and bringing added value to the customers.


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  • Glasherstellung/Produktionstechnik
  • Glasanwendung im Bau- und Fassadenbereich
  • Solarenergie, transparente Wärmedämmung
  • Displayglas und Lasertechnologien