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Product category: Tempered glass



The WORK SERIES TECNOCAT range of equipment brings together all the standard models which, due to their characteristics, are especially suitable for carrying out works on site, that is, all those works in outdoor environments such as building facades, single-family homes, shopping centers, shop windows, unique buildings ... places considered outside the factory production lines.

WORK SERIES TECNOCAT equipment is manufactured with the best materials and the most advanced technology, in order to carry out the most demanding installations.

We have equipment with a wide range of capacities, from 300Kg to more than 2000Kg and with operation only by batteries, with electrical connection and even combined. They also have a wide range of accessories and options that increase performance.

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Product category: Tempered glass


FACTORY SERIES TECNOCAT brings together vacuum equipment models with features especially indicated for carrying out factory works, for serial processing lines that have glass sheets as the production axis.

So, FACTORY SERIES TECNOCAT covers all facets of production required by the family of glass producers for flat or curved glass, manufacturers of PVC and aluminium windows and doors ...

We have vacuum equipment with electrical or pneumatic connection and with load capacity range up to 1360Kg, from the most common processes to the most extreme.

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Product category: Tempered glass


The HANDLING SERIES family brings together all those vacuum equipment  especially designed to work in specific processes on production lines, large glass formats, cargo handling and processes in which the WORK and FACTORY series vacuum equipment  are not suitable.

From vertical fixed or horizontal fixed vacuum equipment, for glasses with special protection layer treatments, clamps to move glass sheets ... to manual and automatic installation trolleys, this HANDLING family does not leave any type of processing without being attended.

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Product category: Tempered glass


Articulated crane arms, jib cranes with supports, light bridge cranes are ELEVATION SYSTEMS equipment that TECNOCAT makes available to companies dedicated to glass processing and serial production.

Really very practical, light, easy to install, with the main purpose that is to save load efforts to the operators of production lines and taking care of body health for the benefit of the person and the company.

Most of TECNOCAT vacuum equipment can be combined to ELEVATION SYSTEMS series.

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Product category: Tempered glass


Optimizing the space for storing glass in factories is one of the factors to take into account among companies in the glass sector. The organization of stocks, the classification of glass by types or by work items, saving space in the work area, becomes time and money savings.

Without forgetting that glass, as a material, has its risks, operator safety is a fundamental rule in a company, and for this reason, TECNOCAT's STORAGE SERIES classification systems comply with the strictest safety standards, taking care of any aspect in terms of materials and the robustness of structures, as well as technical aspects of active and passive safety, for the tranquility of the operator and the company.

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About us

Company portrait

TECNOCAT has presence in the market since 1997.
We have turned into one of the main world manufacturers of handling, transporting and storage machinery for glass.

Since its creation, TECNOCAT has used its own technological resources to do the global design of every single equipment. Not only mechanical and electrical concepts, but also the control software, which has been designed by the Technical Department of TECNOCAT.

TECNOCAT is specialized in the following machinery: storage and handling equipment for flat glass.
Customized projects
If the customer needs a specific requirements, there is a technical team at his disposal to design, manufacture and implement a large variety of solutions.

Our Technical department offers a personalized counselling and help with everything related to glass industry: evaluation of hardware and software needs, features and distribution of machinery and strategies to increase productivity and efficiency.
Continuous innovation
TECNOCAT machines and equipment has developed as new kinds of glass has been appearing and new quality requirements like precision, speed and final appearance as well.

Our design engineer team has developed new technologies to accomplish all these new demands without forgetting other aspects like robustness reliability which have always been present in our brand.

Presence in the world
The continuous adaptation to the needs of this industry and our commitment to quality and close service have been the main keys why TECNOCAT equipment has been recognized worldwide.