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Alfred Cortisse

Alfred Cortisse COO EMEA / APAC Business Unit A+W Clarity

+49 151 16228 823


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Product categories

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.02  Regulation technology
  • 05.02.02  CNC control for handling machines

CNC control for handling machines

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.03  Host computer systems, IT, Communication and Security Technology
  • 05.03.01  MRP/CAD/CIM systems

MRP/CAD/CIM systems

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.03  Host computer systems, IT, Communication and Security Technology
  • 05.03.03  Process control systems
  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.03  Host computer systems, IT, Communication and Security Technology
  • 05.03.04  Other control systems

Other control systems

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.04  Software
  • 05.04.02  Optimization of glass cutting and glass production yield

Optimization of glass cutting and glass production yield

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.04  Software
  • 05.04.03  Machine control software

Machine control software

Our products

Product category: Software

A+W Business - The perfect Solution that grows with you

A+W Business:
Even more ergonomic

A+W Business is a complete ERP system for small and medium-sized companies in the flat glass industry. The A+W commercial solution allows not just the entry of quotations, orders, credit notes, complaints, delivery notes, and the management of purchase orders and inquiries, but also control of other company areas (e. g. stock, purchasing, dispatch, etc.).
The main functions are master data management, quotation creation, order processing, the creation of partial deliveries and complaints, and all associated documents and evaluations. With its graphic interface, A+W Business is easy and quick to use and it simplifies all company-internal processes relating to order processing.

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Product category: Software

A+W Enterprise - The Group Solution

ERP system for corporate groups and upscale medium-sized companies

A+W Enterprise is an integrated, database-based overall ERP solution for the flat glass industry. The system is designed for groups of companies and upper-middle class companies with several subsidiaries, and is being used by major players in the flat glass industry world-wide.

This comprehensive system includes features for sales management, sales support, purchasing management, inventory management, and dispatch planning.
A+W Enterprise is divided into three architectural levels: presentation, application logic, and database. These can be installed and operated on different computers, which increases the scalability and fail-safe nature of the system. The application relies on a relational database and is available in versions for LINUX and UNIX. The user front end can also be installed on MS Windows.

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Product category: Software

A+W Business Pro: Integrated Production Control

A+W Business Pro:
Clear, simple, clever

A+W Business Pro is a professional and cost-effective entry-level solution for small and medium-sized companies where order processing and production planning are completely integrated.

With the commercial part of the integrated solution (A+W Business), you can handle the entry of quotations, orders, credits, complaints, and delivery notes and manage orders and inquiries; you can also take control of other company areas (e. g. warehouse, purchasing, dispatch, etc.)
Order data is available immediately for production planning. Thanks to the integrated wizard function, the process of batch creation, optimization, on through to production release can be completed with a single mouse-clicks.

The user can switch to “expert mode” at any time and thus influence the results directly. The cut optimization per batch and glass type is based on the latest algorithms and, thanks to the intelligent variation possibilities for storage space depth, selection of various stock sizes and residual plates, delivers very good results.

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Product category: Process control systems

A+W Production: Everything under control

Everything perfectly planned and optimized

An expanded product line and state-of the- art machines are placing ever-higher demands on organizational concepts, as well as planning and control software. These machines, which are highly complex and sensitive high-tech systems, enable high cycle rates and thus quick throughput times, but only if the overall concept is right and the production process is optimally planned and controlled. Therefore, scalable software systems and integrated solutions are the key to an optimized production environment.
A+W Production is an extremely flexible PPS solution for complete rough and detailed scheduling for insulated glass, tempered glass, and laminated glass production. The system allows planning and control of even the most demanding multi-level production flows.

The latest improvements within capacity planning and scheduling such as campaign planning, simplified rescheduling possibilities, and improved scheduling algorithms have expanded A+W Production’s functions and simplified the daily business of production management and work preparation.

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Product category: Software

A+W iCut: Optimize cutting – Edit orders – Manage storage

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art, cost-effective IT solution that automates your most-used functions in the office, storage, and cutting? Then A+W iCut could become your new integrated software system – perhaps the first step toward digitalizing your company.
Use A+W iCut to enter orders and optimize your glass cutting. Manage your glass storage and use automatic synchronization with the optimization – after cutting, A+W iCut automatically updates the inventory.
Use A+W iCut to create customers and products easily and quickly and use a clear interface to enter insulated glass, TG, LAMI, and other glass types, as well as any required edge processings. Then calculate the total price for the order based on the item prices entered.
With the integrated Production Manager you transfer the orders entered to the optimization with a mouse-click.
Another crucial feature of A+W iCut is a system for managing residual plates. This way, you ensure that in addition to the stockplates, the optimization also considers your valuable residual plates in order to achieve the best yield.

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Product category: Software

A+W iQuote: Glass orders 24/7

The digitalization of quotations, POs, and orders between market partners is a high priority in the flat glass industry because it mirrors customers' changed purchasing habits in their private lives. You order online around the clock, and increasingly on mobile devices. Why not in the commercial sector too? Due to the Covid-19 crisis, according to customers who already order digitally, there is an increasing focus on the necessity of online order processing.
Innovative companies in the glass and window industry have already understood this and are providing online ordering portals for their customers. The ideal tool for this is A+W iQuote, which many companies around the world are already using for digital ordering.
Online ordering with A+W iQuote offers customers the greatest flexibility, mobility, and time savings. They do not need any installed ordering software or an office terminal, but rather only a mobile end user device on which they can use a Web browser. With the end customer, the user can play through product variants, prices, and other options on-site and create correct quotations, for he is always working with current data in the producer's ERP system: products, prices, conditions – everything fits. In addition, the integrated information system provides "all" orders with the possibility to download all commercially relevant documents in addition to the graphic timeline of the delivery stati. Orders and producers save valuable time and effort.

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Product category: Software

A+W Smart Companion: Scan smarter with smart devices

The barcode scanner has long since established itself as an indispensable tool in the flat glass industry. From the recording of goods receipt in the warehouse to status registration in production to delivery confirmation at the customer's; data is recorded via barcode scanning and transmitted to ERP and production systems.
However, the industrial scanner as we know it is quickly becoming obsolete. Smart devices equipped with the A+W Smart Companion app, great computing power, and outstanding graphics algorithms will soon replace it.
A+W Smart Companion assists users along the entire value-creation chain, contributing to its digitalization and saving time and money, for processes become more flexible. The hardware can be any modern smartphone or the TC20 smart device from Zebra. In addition to all the features that distinguish a smartphone, this device also has a hardware-supported barcode scanner. The app works on Android and IoS devices.
A+W Smart Companion can scan several barcodes at once, e.g. edge compound labels on a rack, which saves a lot of time. Work is more productive and there are fewer errors. A+W Smart Companion represents a completely new product generation, which, like other current A+W solutions, was designed for mobile end user devices.

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Product category: Software

A+W iShape: Digitalize templates with a smartphone camera

For the production of a non-rectangular sheet (shape, free form), glass processors frequently receive a hand drawing or a wood, chipboard or cardboard template from the customer. Modern production on CNC machines requires digital data in order to define these shapes.
The glass processor needs a simple and flexible solution for generating digital data from the template. Older systems for digitalization require special equipment and calibration – but this is expensive and time-consuming.
A+W, in conjunction with Viprotron, has developed a user-friendly, amazingly easy-to-operate app for exactly this purpose – A+W iShape. The template is fitted with the L-shaped reference objects and then photographed with a high-end smartphone camera. The reference objects, high-quality precision metal pieces, are placed on the template or fastened to it. They serve to correct any distortions when photographing. The objects also have a QR code, which enables automatic detection of the objects and eliminates the need for any further configuration.
The special feature: in contrast to older solutions, no calibration of the camera is required! A+W iShape works with any good smartphone camera.

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Product category: Software

A+W Logistics Optimizer: Perfect Shipping and Delivery

The customer measures the quality of a supplier by the company's optimal logistics.
The A+W Logistics Optimizer ensures perfect planning and organization of the delivery process, and thanks to real-time transmission, incorporates all processes into the ERP system paperlessly. Our software creates and optimizes the shortest and most cost-effective routes – taking into account the possibilities of the Cura fleet. The A+W Logistics Optimizer makes all necessary information available to shipping in real time, including:

  • Address, delivery note, scope of delivery
  • Route and truck – designation
  • Storage slot on the truck
  • Specifications for unloading on-site
The customer is kept informed about the precise delivery date and the probable arrival time of the trucks. The driver imports the route data into the navigation system. With a delivery app, he uses his smartphone to book the delivery. This booking is then reported back to the A+W ERP system – A+W Business or A+W Enterprise in real time. When the customer confirms correct delivery, invoicing can be initiated immediately – and so more time and money is saved. In case of breakage, re-production is initiated right from the delivery point.
The system also supports the delivery and pick-up of additional racks and it can thus be integrated completely into route optimization.

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Product category: Process control systems, Software

A+W Smart Trace: Continuous Logging of Production

A+W IoT Smart Trace is a manufacturer-independent Industry 4.0 data platform. Companies can use this system in production to record, save, and evaluate data from various sensors, scanners, machines, and soft-ware systems on a common platform. To do this, the information is enriched with meta-data (when, where, by whom, generated and sent with which basic conditions) and stored on a central data server.The challenge here, in a mixed production environment with different machines, is to read out data from state-of-the-art digitalized systems as well as older machines with a lower degree of digitalization. And to combine this data so that it can be read.

This is precisely why we developed A+W IoT Smart Trace. This system is the intelligent platform to which your machine park is docked, read out, and evaluated via connectors.

Here, the "booty" varies – frequently older machines do not provide everything you'd like to know. But the strength of A+W IoT Smart Trace is that it can acquire a maximum of data even from a complicated and very "colorful" production environment.

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About us

Company portrait

Software for Glass and Windows

A+W is the market leader for software in the flat glass industry as well as the windows and doors business. We develop ERP-, PPS- and optimization software in order to make glass and window manufacturers even more efficient.
Our products are suitable for small, mid-sized and large companies.
We have been active on the market for more than 40 years and we sell our products worldwide. A+W cooperates with experienced and competent companies in the industry. This combination provides the best possible solution for our customers.
Our solutions help us control and optimize the whole value chain, from basic glass to finished windows or facade elements.
  • More than 1,100 customers worldwide
  • ~200 employees worldwide
  • 50 employees in Research and Development