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Avancis GmbH

Solarstr. 3, 04860 Torgau
Telephone +49 3421 7388-0
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  • 03  Glass products and applications
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  • 03.07.04  Technologies for multifunctional facades
  •  Photovoltaic systems

Our products

Product category: Photovoltaic systems


SKALA is a thin-film PV module working as solar-active building material which completely sets new standards for aesthetic solar facade solutions – regardless of the building type or construction project.

Advantages and Solutions
For architects, façade planners and investors, SKALA offers the opportunity to realize individually designed solar façades with the highest aesthetics and also the highest energy output. The technical basis is an aesthetic thin-film solar module that is unique in terms of design, energy efficiency, performance, quality and product safety.

The design of the module is pure aesthetics: frameless, without visible fixing with a homogeneous glass surface in different colors.

SKALA is developed and produced in Germany. Certified to ISO, IEC, UL and abZ (German general building approval), SKALA offers the highest quality and safety standards in the PV and construction industry.

SKALA transfers passive building envelopes into power generating façades and actively contributes to the energy balance of buildings – even under unfavorable weather and site conditions.

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Product category: Photovoltaic systems


PowerMax® for rooftop systems and open spaces

PowerMax® is AVANCIS’ standard solar module for rooftop systems and open spaces designed specifically for this kind of use.

All AVANCIS solar modules meet current national and international standards. Annual audits of our production facilities ensure our continued compliance with standard regulations.


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Product category: Photovoltaic systems

Avancis GmbH solar rooftop systems


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About us

Company portrait

From the origins to the present
Technology leader for almost 40 years
The Avancis Group is a German photovoltaic company that has operated internationally right from the start. The roots of our CIS technology go back to 1981. At that time, our predecessor company ARCO Solar in the USA had started researching alternatives to conventional silicon wafer solar cells.

We started the world’s first commercial CIS series production in 1998 in Camarillo, California. Since then we have industrialized CIS photovoltaics under the name AVANCIS. Some of our companions during this industrialization were big-name companies like Siemens, Shell Solar and Saint-Gobain. Since 2014, we have been part of the CNBM Group, one of the largest glass and building materials companies in the world with more than 300,000 people.

We cover the entire value chain, from semiconductors and modules to complete PV systems. As a result, we can offer customized solutions: ranging from open spaces and solar parks and roof systems to integrated building systems and aesthetic solar façades.