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  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
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  • 01.14.02  Panel production
  •  Coating material, sputtering targets

Our products

Product category: Coating material, sputtering targets

Planar Sputtering target

The sputtering target can be divided into Planar Sputtering target and Rotating sputtering target according to the shape.The Planar Sputtering Target mainly refers to a circular target having a certain thickness and a rectangular target.
The planar sputtering target is connected to the sputtering device by means of a smattering method, and the film is deposited on the substrate under vacuum conditions, and then passed through the substrate. Various means (etching) are applied to the film to meet different needs.

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Product category: Coating material, sputtering targets

Rotary Sputtering Target

Rotary Sputtering target also named by rotatable sputtering targets, or Rotating Sputtering targets, or  tube sputtering targets, there are monolithic and bonding type and spray type.
The Rotary Sputtering target are produced by either plasma spraying  onto a base tube or from solid pieces, Lengths of over 3000 mm are manufactured.

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Product category: Coating material, sputtering targets

Film Glass Coatings

Film Glass Coatings use a lot of Sputtering targets like Silver , Aluminum, AZO, ZnAl, InSn alloy sputtering targets.
As a sputtering target supplier with outstanding technical and materials expertise and decades of experience in Film Glass Coatings Industry,Able Target Limited services to development and production of coating materials for architectural glass, automotive glass, photovoltaics, mirrors and other speciality Film Glass coatings.

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About us

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There are Planar Targets and Rotating Targets both can be manufactured by us.We provide Customized production service and provide drawing design service according to customized request.
All kinds of downstream industry of sputtering target,wherever your project is located, whatever size your project.