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  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.03  Edge and surface finishing technology
  • 02.03.07  Printing technology
  •  Spraying technology

Our products

Product category: Spraying technology


Automatic  machines for Glasspaint resins

Our machine is the result of the influence of Pablo Picasso and more than 20 years of experience applying our resins manually.The Picasso involves a new spraying fashion: automatic, clean, environmentally friendly and handy. It avoids useless elements, implements systems and improves shortcomings of competitors assembling the best parts in the market. There are painted glasses and machines like this already installed in such dissimilar and demanding markets as Mexico, USA, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Spain… Picasso turned out to be the favourite machine of the glass makers both for companies completing its glass painting section and for total beginners.
Creative Resins Europe is the sole company in the world manufacturing glass paint and the application equipment, which avoids the most common troubles found in this kind of machines such as product incompatibility. This offers reliable quick troubleshooting and expert technical support for any matter through one single guarantee commitment.

One single supplier avoids all possible problems caused by processes.

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Product category: Spraying technology

Big paint shaker

A stronger and powerful shaker with capacity for cans from 1 to 25Lt.

The gyroscopic mechanism moves the tins round. A timer can be set between 30 and 900 seconds. It is a perfect tool for distributors and big pigment consumers.

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Product category: Spraying technology

Small paint shaker

Manual closing and capacity for one tin ranging from 0,5Lt to 3Lt.

Two different stirring cycles can be set: the 3minutes cycle for light colours and 5minutes cycle for dark colours.

It is a very good aid for customers using Picasso machine.

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