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Reinhardt-Technik GmbH

Waldheimstr. 3, 58566 Kierspe
Telephone +49 2359 666-0
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  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxiliary equipment and fittings
  • 04.10  Adhesive technology

Our products

Product category: Adhesive technology

Vecdos™ eOne

The Vecdos series of servo driven high-performance metering units is the ideal solution for any intermittent metering application.

The volumetric shot metering units are modular and flexible in combinations for different mixing ratios.

The design is optimal for difficult and abrasive materials and available for smallest shot volumes.

The smart metering control provides unmatched reliable and repeatable precision in your metering application.

compact design
zero-backflash ball screw & servodrive
low weight
high-strength aluminium alloy

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Product category: Adhesive technology

Flow Boost

Now available as an OPTION for every new Visco Star and Visco Star Plus plant system.

You wish the maximum output performance also for your existing plant? No problem: The new FLOW BOOST is also available as RETROFIT KIT.

High operational reliability is secured also for processing of materials that harden by air humidity - thanks to the integration of a sealing agent level.

Note: In case of special hose connections please clarify the the applicability of the FLOW BOOST with us prior to installation.

The days are gone when you had to play it safe and limit the material pressure of your machine. With Reinhardt-Technik‘s newly developed FLOW BOOST you take advantage of the full power of your Visco Star or Visco Star Plus. FLOW BOOST helps to
protect your hoses from excessive material pressure.

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Product category: Adhesive technology


Sheet molded compounds (SMC) as exterior trim parts need a perfect surface condition for being coated or painted. This is often done as a manual pre-treatment of the mold with a carrier-coating, which is time consuming and sometimes quality is suffering, alternatively an automated spray coating system is required, which boosts the investment of the production process.

In-mold-coating (IMC) by IMCoatec™ is a reliable and reproducible automatic process to provide an excellent ready-to-coat surface (class A) on SMC parts at minimum cost of ownership.

IMCoatec™ is a single component mold injection system* which provides a chemical joint between the SMC and IMC, offering following advantages:

reduced weight
complex design geometries
corrosion resistance
Sensors and antennas can be mounted invisibly underneath the SMC

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