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Partida Torreta, s/n, 12110 Alcora, Castellón
Telephone +34 964 360900
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Product categories

  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxiliary equipment and fittings
  • 04.03  Surface treatment, Printing Technology, Coating Technology, Adhesive Technology
  • 04.03.01  Paints for Inkjet, digital printing

Paints for Inkjet, digital printing

Our products

Product category: Paints for Inkjet, digital printing


The Torrecid Group is the first company in world bringing solutions to the ceramic industry and in the sales of pigmented inks by offering to its customers the best chromatic range, reliability and regularity for every inkjet system available in market. Unlimited aesthetic possibilities offered by the Inkcid solution are based on the most comprehensive range of inks: Cyan, Cobalt, Magenta, Brown, Pink, Yellow Gold, Lemon Yellow, Beige, Black, Green and special inks such as Metalcid, Keramcid and Smartcid or the digital glazes D.G. Cid and T.M Cid.

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Product category: Paints for Inkjet, digital printing


Soluble Colours
Special fluid complex metal dispersion for porcelain stoneware decoration.

Pigments for sanitaryware
Pigments of very high thermal stability that allow long firing times without losing colouration.

Pigments for vitreous mosaic
Pigments for recycled and specific glass colouration, Al-Farben, S.A. has selected a complete product range that is adapted to the specific conditions of manufacture of this product.

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About us

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TORRECID has the following Mission:

“Provoke the CHANGE through the Global Leadership in INNOVATION to generate New Solutions and Future Trends to provide the Best Competitive Advantages and the MAXIMUM ADDED VALUE”
TORRECID bases the accomplishment of this mission on five factors: