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Hebei Andy Mould Co., Ltd.

Zehua Road, Huanghua Economic & Development Zone, 061100 Huanghua, Hebei
Telephone +86 317 8888062
Fax +86 317 8888560

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  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.06  Forming for hollow glass
  • 01.06.13  Moulds for glass production

Our products

Product category: Moulds for glass production

Blow mould (material is Bronze/Minox)

Copper molding material is copper, enhance heat conduction and raise the brightness of the bottle. Copper ChengMo with copper alloy material, main ingredients: copper, aluminum, nickel, casting hardness is 210-230 - hb, adopting secondary melting process, ensure the stability of the material, copper alloy material mould has, good dimensional stability of thermal fatigue and high temperature performance.

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Product category: Moulds for glass production

Blank mould (exported to abroad)

The initial model abroad is the initial mould of the bottle.
Abroad at the beginning of the die surface strengthening: glass mold cavity working under high temperature conditions, joint surface are prone to deformation, make the joint line of the glass is bulky, therefore, it is necessary for joint line mold parts for strengthening, including die and punch, currently use most is nickel base alloy spray welding.

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Product category: Moulds for glass production

Wareglass mould

 The molding of utensils is used for pressing molding of glassware.
Glass mould is the main production technology and equipment, glass products mainly divided into container glass mould and class glass mold, mold in the process of using inner cavity quality decided to the surface of the glass products quality and production efficiency. Therefore, the cavity surface has high precision and smooth finish. 

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About us

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Hebei Andy MouId Co.,Ltd, is located at Zehua Road, Huanghua Economic & DeveIopment Zone, Huanghua city, Hebei Province, China. This company takes up 26,666 m2, supported with 300 administrative & empIoyees. This is a professionaI glass mouIds manufacturer, which has been incorporating mould designs, research & deveIopment, mouId productions and saIes together. The glass mouIds products include such gIass mouIds as for glass bottIe, gIass jar and gIassware.