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Dongtai Gangtai Refractory Co., Ltd

West of Hougang Town, 224213 Dongtai, Jiangsu
Telephone +86 515 85540102
Fax +86 515 85540127

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Our products

Product category: Refractories

Refractory mortar

Refractory mortar is made from the mixture of refractory powder and organic or inorganic binding agents .Choose refractory powder with physical and chemical properties similar to that of refractory bricks according to bricks’materials so as to satisfy the requirements of the laying of refractory bricks of different materials.

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Product category: Refractories

Corundum brick

Corundum refractory bricks use compact electrosmelted corundum and alumina powder as mainraw materials, shaped under high pressure after machine-blending and fired at high temperature. The purity and the amount of corundum determine different corundum products to be used at different temperatures.

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Product category: Refractories

Foam brick with super-low thermal conductivity

Foam refractory brick with super-low thermal conductivity add foaming agent and stabilizing agent into the slurry confected by some refractory raw materials, such as alumina powder, refractory clay and cyanite. After mixing them, the refractory slurry evenly adsorbs around the foams, and spherical proes are formed after being dried and fired. Bricks are shaped by mechanical cutting and grinding.

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Dongtaishi gangtai refractory co.,ltd.,Is a professional engaged in industrial furnace with lightweight refractories design, research and development, manufacturing, sales. All brand refractories in the petrochemical, petroleum, metallurgy, electricity, ceramics, heat treatment and other industries enjoy a high reputation, as the region's largest manufacturer of light refractory materials, all have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Foshan, Luoyang, Quanzhou, Jiangxi, Jilin, Jiangyin and other places, can provide a full suite of services for customers.