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C/ Nicolas Redondo Urbieta No. 330 P.I. Somonte, 33393 Gijon
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Product category: Autoclaves


Olmar ATC autoclaves for treatment of composite materials are considered the most advanced on a technical and design level, as they are used in the sectors with greatest research and development investment of new materials such as aeronautics or aerospace engineering.

The emergence of these new materials has been an enormous advance in many of these sectors: aeronautical industry (with the new A380 / A350), Formula 1, the aerospace sector (rockets, satellites), sports material (ski material, surf boards), construction (casings, structural beams), etc. All of them have introduced components manufactured with composite materials such as glass fibre, aramid, polyamide, polymers and special plastics.

The consolidation of composites is carried out through heating and cooling cycles at a given pressure, with variable parameters depending on their composition and the characteristics to be obtained in each process. The new Olmar OCS software can control, study and act on all process variables in real time, guaranteeing an optimum result in each cycle.

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Product category: Autoclaves

Autoclaves & Additive Manufacturing

Founded in 1945 and today a world leader in the manufacture of autoclaves for the curing of composite materials, OLMAR presents its new Additive Technology division.

After more than two and a half years of investment in R & D and the incorporation of the most advanced technologies on its facilities, OLMAR | Autoclaves & Additive Manufacturing was born with the purpose and capacity to face the following challenges:

• • Process performed at a relatively low temperature, which avoids metal oxide impurities and other limitations of traditional thermal spraying processes

• Very low levels of porosity (<1%) in the projected material, since the process is carried out with the material in a solid state

• High toughness of the sprayed metals, due to the impact hardening of the material during the process

• Preservation of the initial composition and structure of the sprayed metals, thanks to the low working temperature, which allows the chemical composition, phase composition and crystal (grain) of the solid spray particles to experience minimal heating

• Coatings of all types of materials without residual compressive stress, allowing the material to be deposited in almost any desired thickness

• • Minimum thermal contribution to the substrate
• High joint strength
• Compressive residual stresses
• Thick coatings
• No phase changes
• No oxidation
• No grain growth
• High conductivity
• High resistance to corrosion
• High tenacity and hardness

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Product category: Autoclaves


The OLMAR OL and OLMAR OLC steam boilers are three-pass gas shell boilers of our own design. The current community regulations under directive 97/23/EC on pressure units is the guideline used by our technical department, which together with our ISO 9001:2000 certificate puts our units at the forefront both in terms of technology and quality.

Each one of the models in the OLMAR catalogue have been designed and analysed based on their production and pressure specifications in order to respond to the multiple requirements of thousands of customers worldwide, which trust our units to cover their industrial requirements.

All units manufactured by OLMAR undergo strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process both internal and external, guaranteeing the highest quality and safety. This technical excellence combined with the trust of our customers has made OLMAR boilers a global reference for over 70 years.

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About us

Company portrait

OLMAR S.A. is a familiar company dedicated to the design and manufacture of autoclaves, ovens, steam generators and all kind of pressure vessels. Founded in 1945 by Mr. Olegario García Hevia, Olmar history is built from values as work, effort and improvement, which define the spirit of the company today.

Located in Gijon – north of Spain -, Olmar operates in an area of great business tradition, which offers the best communications for both national and international operations. This integrative and teamwork nature is strengthen with the birth of Olmar Group, which brings together three large companies (Olmar, Cosermo and Vallina) in order to improve their performance and increase their competitiveness.

Pursuit of innovation and excellence has always been a maximum for the company, which has experienced a strong growth in the recent years through all its areas. As a proof of this growth trend, it highlights the acquisition of a new large plant in 2014, which, in addition to existing facilities, completes and industrial complex over 25,000 square meters covered and 70,000 square meters plot. All these elements together turn Olmar a leading company in its sector with great expectations on the future