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Tecglass S.L.

3ª, Fase Poligono Industrial Lalin 2000, 36500 Lalin
Telephone +34 986 787627
Fax +34 986 787629
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.14  Photovoltaic production/Production Technologies
  • 01.14.01  Wafer production
  •  Printing machines

Printing machines

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.03  Edge and surface finishing technology
  • 02.03.07  Printing technology
  •  Digital printing technology
  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxiliary equipment and fittings
  • 04.03  Surface treatment, Printing Technology, Coating Technology, Adhesive Technology
  • 04.03.01  Paints for Inkjet, digital printing

Paints for Inkjet, digital printing

Our products

Product category: Digital printing technology

Vitro Jet MultiFlex

The innovative digital machine for printing architectural glass and frameless windows in a single pass.
Unique, compact, flexible, multi-purpose machine, it is designed as the digital alternative to screen printing, delivering fast, accurate printing of all kinds of patterns, lines, dots, logos and frames on architectural glass in single-pass and multi-pass modes.
- Exclusive Fast Frame Printing Tool, ideal for IG units for frameless windows, solar panels, automotive glass and TV screens. The perfect solution for high speed frame-printing jobs in a single pass.
- Integrated high-tech "Side Kinetix" always prints on the long side of the glass, optimizing print cycle time.
- Print resolution: up to 2880 dpi.

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Product category: Digital printing technology

F Type Side Kinetix

The unique machine able to print always on the long side of the glass.
The head moves crosswise to the print carriage, lengthwise relative to the support table.
It is possible to always print in the direction of the long side of the glass, even with extremely large-sized glass sheets, in the easiest and fastest manner. A truly unique patented technology for an even more versatile machine, one that increases print efficiency. 
- Print resolution: up to 2880 dpi.
- Up to 12 color channels available simultaneously at full speed.

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Product category: Digital printing technology

Single Pass Evolution

The most innovative, fast and accurate tool for non - stop cycle production. Single Pass Evolution ensures greater productivity, perfect print results, reduced production costs and times.
Product features:
- Flawless automation of the non-stop, continuous cycle print process on glass sizes up to 3.300 mm (300 mm separation between two contiguous sheets of glass).
- Print speed / non-stop printing: 9 meters in 60 seconds, more than 500 meters per hour.
- The Vitro Scan tool comes standard to ensure perfect print results. It automatically reads and records the dimensions and position of the glass prior to printing - thus reducing the possibility of error - allows for more reliable results, makes the operator’s job easier and optimizes production speed. Especially valuable when working with irregularly-shaped sheets of glass.

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About us

Company portrait

Tecglass currently delivers the most efficient means of transferring graphic motifs, photographs, logos and textures directly onto glass, with the utmost precision, automation, speed and operational ease. We’re talking super-high-tech digital printing machines, latest-gen ceramic inks, line components, software and tools engineered to simplify all your print operations. All-inclusive graphic support ensures end results you and your clients can be proud of.
Tecglass machines are easily customizable and fully adaptable to optimize production in the automotive, architectural, design and home appliance fields. Tecglass gives you the flexibility to work on sophisticated jobs with high-tech design requirements and on large-scale production runs with the utmost precision and speed.

The advantages only a Tecglass machine can offer:
- 2880 dpi print resolution.
- many color channels simultaneously available at max speed.
- high-tech print heads with high-flowrate ink recirculation system and 2000 nozzles each.
- 9 different ink drop sizes to maximize use of the ceramic inks.
- SDT (Simultaneous Drying Technology), a sophisticated system that simultaneously dries the ink as it prints.

Top of the line models:
- F Type Side Kinetix: the only machine engineered to always print along the long edge of the glass; perfect for the jumbo-size glass sheets used in design and architecture
- F Type F K Series: the top multi-functional model for multi- and single-pass printing.
- Single Pass Evolution: the most efficient solution for fast, accurate, non-stop continuous cycle production.
- Vitro Jet MultiFlex: an innovative digital printer for printing architectural glass and frameless windows in a single pass.

An array of reliable, latest-generation ceramic inks with unique effects and a series of software and state-of-the-art tools designed to facilitate printing operations round out the product line. Available on request – all of the line components required to upgrade your plant to maximum efficiency.